Webotéka Sörena Siega

The five ladies from the Netherlands, England and Germany are amazing. They recorded my African Suite No. 24 MATHONGO AMNANDI that I wrote for them in pure perfection.

With these four wonderful ladies I did my first three music videos, and they recorded my WAKATI NJEMA absolutely beautifully. Yu-Ching Chao even lives in my city of Hamburg, and sometimes we go to a Japanese restaurant together!

The a-cappella-group I founded and with whom I sang for 18 years and for whom I wrote 15 programs till now!

A marvelous recorder player, a good friend and honest advisor: Simon Borutzki is adorable and did a lot for me.

My website does not only contain many free recordings of my pieces to listen and many video links but also an interesting section “My life in 55 photos”. It’s easy to miss – you have to scroll down to BIOGRAPHY and then click on READ MORE.